Saturday, 10 March 2012

The Chelsea Flower Show

Some little things are most definitely optimists;  the Furzey fairies are pushing on with their tiny garden.
I asked Hubert, the snail, had they actually asked the RHS if they could attend.  'Are you mad?' Hubert replied.  'Little things just do little things. They believe, quite literaly that if you work hard at some task, it will all just fall into place.'  I am not sure if this is a glass half full or so full it flooded the basement!

Furzey Fairies Chelsea Flower show Garden

Hubert took me to see the magic place in the lorry. There was much activity with tiny things stealing plants from the hedgrows and frying pickled hazelnuts.

I am not sure how they will get to Chelsea and really hope we don't see the return of Tiny Tours.
Hubert has fitted a little radio in the tiny lorry, in case it is needed.  He thinks, should they choose the lorry option, he would have to get going next week as the journey would probably take a month!
Watch out children, Hubert is about!



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