Friday, 15 June 2012

The return of the Rocket frog

Well! I am so pleased to report that Branson, the Rocket frog is alive and well and thriving in his new career!

 I  had to run some errands in Dorset in a little village called Tollard Royal.  As I walked through a lovely wood looking for the home of a blue tit that was selling a bottle of kittens tears, what do I spy, but the big, red cigar shape that had to be Branson's Rocket!  And, there, sitting on the body was Branson!  I was so pleased to see him, I gave him a glass of blueberry wine.   He told me of his adventures since he left Furzey Gardens on that ill fated journey...
Apparently, he had no control over the rocket mainly because the chaffich had forgot to put any in! He soared into the sky and when his supply of fuel was exhausted, he whistled down and landed with a bump on some ferns. Well, the noise was so loud it wasn't long before many tiny things appeared. One amongst them was Terry Cameron, a very wealthy snail and the first snail to own a Bugatti! Due to the fact that he had no legs, he had not mastered the art of driving the machine!

 He therefore, got a gang of 'lesser' snails that worked for him, to push it along. Well, Branson got on very well with Terry and was offered a job Chauffeur to the snail, a job Branson loved, especially having some brakes and steering in this machine!

Branson's skill behind the wheel was also put to good use when Terry entered him in the Rushmore Rally, for all speedy tiny things.

 Branson did very well, but what was most significant to the frog was meeting a couple of toads that were a popular beat combo.

 Branson saw his chance to make an impact on the world and became the manager of The TOADS.  I caught up with them practising for the Larmer Tree Festival and am pleased to show all a copy of their latest video.

Regards, Tiny

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Shine on you crazy Diamonds

Well! What a time we all had at Chelsea Flower Show!
Gala night was a spectacular event!
Michel Cain talks to Simon Sinkinson

Laura Trant on the look out for fairies!

 With Michael Cain, Vanessa Feltz,  Laura Trant, and so many shining stars from the big world, the tiny things glowed all night and lit-up Simon Sinkinson's Lantern.
Tiny things glowing in the Lantern

A Midsummer Night's Dream

I think he was very pleased with all tiny things.
Their little doors even got a mention on the BBC by Chris Beardshaw.
A tiny door at Chelsea Flower Show

Well, the tiny things did not think that would happen!
Chelsea Flower Show - Furzey Gardens Tiny Doors
But the show had to come to an end!  So, Hubert the snail, loaded up the truck with the help of very tired and tearful tiny things, and quietly, while no one was looking, drove the lorry up a ramp and into a huge truck bound for Furzey Gardens.

Well done all!