Sunday, 15 April 2012

Chelsea Flower Show - the pressure is on!

Many tiny things forget that a garden keeps growing regardless of what folk are doing and as it grows bits break. There are those tiny things that have no interest in flower shows, what with exploding frogs and all that. Many of the little doors at Furzey Gardens are looking a little shabby. Hubert asked Silly to have a look at the damage, only for Silly to go into a rage saying that as an artist now, he had to be left to be 'free', to create and eat wild garlic sandwiches!

Well, help is never too far away at Furzey Gardens;  Lady Daphney, who had her summer home, Westland in Furzey Gardens, had offered her services. As a real fairy she loved flowers and plants. She told Hubert that her handyman, Clive, could fix anything.

So, on a lovely sunny morning after sending a telegraph to Clive at Daphney's winter home Diarmuid Hall in the Forest, Hubert and his nephew Gavin collected the first damaged door and set off in the lorry for Diarmuid Hall.  They met Clive in the most wonderful barn full of Lady Daphney's spare treasures.

After a bit of light banter, Clive got to work. I am a little worried how Silly might react to a 'new kid on the block'?!

Snail at work furzey gardens chelsea flower show