Monday, 21 November 2011

Silly Makes a new door

I popped-over to Silly's little workshop to check he had not forgotten Aristotle's new door.
I could do without another up-rising from tiny things!  I was so pleased to find Silly hard at it, even though he had a stinking cold.  I sat with him for a while and he told me such tales, some happy and some very sad.
Apparently, Silly had not always wanted to be a carpenter. When he was very young he travelled with his family many miles to visit the fairy theatres and was lost forever to acting.  He remembers sitting in the grass and watching A Mid-Summers Night Dream.  That magic night was the first time Silly remembers hearing his heart beat, and he knows it beats and waits for him still.  I think this theater maybe another 'wonder' of the Tiny World, so I will try and find it one day.
Anyway, Silly made a good solid door and in the afternoon, Hubert came over in his lorry with some of his brothers to collect it.  I do hope this keeps the tiny things happy.

They are very busy fundraising for the Furzey Gardens Chelsea flower show.  Please do send them something at


  1. Hey there! I love your "Silliness" ... this is great! Have a super week!

  2. Hi Simon, I'm glad you visited my blog earlier today as it reminded me to come pay a visit to you! You've posted lots, since I was last here so I've followed now and will try to remember to pop back often.