Sunday, 30 October 2011

they are safe ( I think)

Well, I searched and searched last night, checking the jetting by my lamplight, the tiny clothes still there.
Then, this morning I found a group of hungover snails!  Apparently this is what happened; the snails were having a party on a lilly-pad and all sorts of ruff housing was going on!  
Well, when the little things swam by, the snails persuaded them to come aboard and join the party.
A great time was had till big Eric, a slimmy fellow with a snail eye patch, started drinking blueberry wine.  The day went down hill fast (snails cannot hold there drink)!

Luckily, just then the fairy ferry appeared and the tiny folk travelled to the little terminal, wrapped in
blankets and drinking cocoa.

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Trouble on Cadnam River Tiny things Fairies and take care when wild swimming

I knew this would happen, did I not say? but no, they think they know best.
Sorry, let me tell you what I’m talking about.
In the little Cadnam river, which let me tell you, is a quiet little stream without to much trouble or gnomes trying to sell you gnome insurance.
Well, last week I spied it;  Barbara Pike! There she was, as bold as brass lying in10 inches of water eating a Ginsters pasty wrapper.  I shouted, ‘shoo Barbara, shoo!’, but did she listen? No, she just carried on eating the soft pastry.
I had to alert the tiny things.
I went to the tiny notice board and posted this note:

And also put up some tiny signs telling all tiny folk what I had seen.

Well, a few moments ago I saw the most chilling site….  tiny clothes on the wobbly jetty, but no sign of tiny swimmers!
I have spent an hour searching along the banks and calling for tiny helpers, but alas nothing.
After I have eaten my supper, I will return with an oil lamp and carry on my gruesome search.  I will tell you tomorrow if I find anything, but in the meantime all those in shouting distance of the river, please open your windows and doors and shout, ‘Shooo Barbara!’



Saturday, 22 October 2011

I have no idea what i am doing

Tiny folk made me do this . They kept on and on so this is it.
When I figure  how you do this whole blogging thing I will get going
Have a look at