Wednesday, 30 November 2011

2nd Wonder of the Tiny World

I came across this poster;  it was behind a pile of wood in Silly's workshop.
'Wow!' I said.  'What is it? It's truly amazing!'  Silly said that it was awful really, 40 tiny things packed in a mechanical bird.  And being showered with blueberry wine every time they swerved out of the way of an amorous kestrel, or dropping violently into grass, as gangs of sparrows landed on the wings and pecked at the stowaway ants and beetles that hid in the feathers.  Silly had apparently taken this trip with his mother attempting to holiday at the tropical paradise known as Goatee Beach in Totton.
Silly knew nothing of the mechanical birds history, only that it made very few flights before crashing into a hedge near Frogham.
I will ask hubert about this as he seems to know all there is to know about tiny things, and report back.
This surely has to be the second wonder of the tiny world!


Monday, 21 November 2011

Silly Makes a new door

I popped-over to Silly's little workshop to check he had not forgotten Aristotle's new door.
I could do without another up-rising from tiny things!  I was so pleased to find Silly hard at it, even though he had a stinking cold.  I sat with him for a while and he told me such tales, some happy and some very sad.
Apparently, Silly had not always wanted to be a carpenter. When he was very young he travelled with his family many miles to visit the fairy theatres and was lost forever to acting.  He remembers sitting in the grass and watching A Mid-Summers Night Dream.  That magic night was the first time Silly remembers hearing his heart beat, and he knows it beats and waits for him still.  I think this theater maybe another 'wonder' of the Tiny World, so I will try and find it one day.
Anyway, Silly made a good solid door and in the afternoon, Hubert came over in his lorry with some of his brothers to collect it.  I do hope this keeps the tiny things happy.

They are very busy fundraising for the Furzey Gardens Chelsea flower show.  Please do send them something at

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Big trouble at Furzey Gardens

What a morning I have had!  Just sitting down to my coffee and a large bowl of coco pops with extra honey, bannana and a tiny bit of crabb apple jelly, when there was a tap on the door. Well, not so much a tap but a scratch.  I opened it up to find Grace the Furzey Robin standing there. 'You must come quick!' she said, 'there's trouble at the gardens!' After breakfast I met grace at Furzey and we made our way to Aristotle's abode to be met with a very angry mob of tiny things all shouting and waving plackards. It seems someone, or something, had broken down Aristotle's door and left his home in an awfull mess. I inspected the poor door and came to the conclusion that this was not the work of vandals, but simply silly Simon, the tiny door maker.  He had used some very dodgy wood that had broken.  When I told the tiny things of my opinion, they went berserk and added silly Simon to the list of things to chastise.  I said I would see 'silly' and get him round to sort out a new door.
the noise at furzey gardens
I left the rabble, determined to nip this in the bud, and got round to Moss Side where 'silly' was working, repairing a wooden bicycle that wooden go.  But as 'silly' came to the door, he spotted the angry rabble of tiny things and shot out the back!  Again, I had to listen to their squeeking and ranting.

You  Furzey Garden fairys won't get to chelsea flower show
I thought it best to find the tiny teacher, Grace the robin, because she might be able to calm them down.  So, I made my way to the school.  No sooner had I arrived than tiny voices were heard. The little things climbed onto the school roof and protested about everything from broken doors and clumsey gardeners to why they could not have tiny motorbikes. Then very nicely Grace pointed out that if the wider world new how naughty they were, they would not be allowed to go to the Chelsea Flower Show.
Hearing this they all stopped their shouting because they had put a lot of work into this and the tiny Queen was planning to meet the Queen of England.
So they all went to a snails house and drank him out of blueberry wine!
Thank goodness that is over -  I have seen tiny war and it's not nice!
Please Please  help the tiny things get to Chelsea Flower show Follow the link to find out more

Monday, 14 November 2011

It's still there!

Well, what a day!  I took the map, and though it was covered in snail slime which gave it the feeling of wet lamination, I made out the way to go. I walked for what must have been about an hour from the tiny hamlet of Brook in the New Forest, along the little river meeting many a tiny creature as I went.  A little elf named Watson was most interesting, and showed me his collection of fairy cart racing memorabilia.  I had never heard of this, but apparently many tiny things in days gone by, would race each other on their tiny apple carts.  Watson has some lovely photos of the meetings in a wood called Shave Green.  It looked so much fun with brightly coloured carts pulled by mice, dragonflies and all manor of things, while crowds of tiny things cheered and waved flowers.  I asked him why I did not see this in the present time, and he became very defensive and repeated, 'nobody tells an elf what to do!'  When I tried to find out more, he scuttled off.  I must ask Hubert if he know more.
Anyway, keeping an eye on the map and one on the old postcard, I came to a spot that seemed to fit, but there was no sign of a crane. I realised this was a long time ago and the river probably had shifted.
I climbed the bank and grubbed about in the ferns, and 'hay presto!'
Well, it was huge, and apart from the fact that it has fallen over, it looked in very good condition and was a testament to the building skills of tiny things.
In the little control room there was a tiny calendar that was opened at July 1-tee 4-tee.   I am not sure what that means, but there were two lovely photos.
And if you look very hard in the last one, I am sure that's a tiny thing flying from the camera -
they are very fast!

Sunday, 13 November 2011

The Promised Postcard

As promised, Hubert turned-up on Saturday with the little postcard.
Surprisingly not in his lorry, but with snail friends and relations strapped under a very scraggy looking crow.  Apparently they were all going to a funeral!
Tiny things attend a lot of funerals. These are not the type that humans attend, but are in fact funerals for ideas.
They are so upset when dreams die, that they just have to remember them.
Hubert said to tell all tinydoors readers to keep their dreams alive!
The postcard shows the tiny things crane loading acorns into the mythical 'Jeanie Deans', often mentioned by BB in his lovely books about the Little Grey Men.
Hubert also had a very slimy map and I will attempt to find any remains of this 'first wonder' of the Tiny World.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

seven wonders of the tiny world

I have been thinking about something interesting to report on, in the tiny world and I have just remember something a snail called Hubert once told me. He was delivering acorns in his tiny lorry when I met him.
I was saying how many tragedies seem to have happened to tiny things, when they get involved with crabb apples. Well, Hubert went on to tell me many tales about those early fairy shipping days, including one about an enormous fairy crane. This crane towered over the river and many a tiny thing was involved in its construction and use. Hubert tells me he has a post card of the crane, and when he calls this way again he will let me see it!
I think I shall seek out the mythical 'Seven Wonders' of the tiny world and report on them in this blog.
It will give me something to do until my hair grows back!