Wednesday, 30 November 2011

2nd Wonder of the Tiny World

I came across this poster;  it was behind a pile of wood in Silly's workshop.
'Wow!' I said.  'What is it? It's truly amazing!'  Silly said that it was awful really, 40 tiny things packed in a mechanical bird.  And being showered with blueberry wine every time they swerved out of the way of an amorous kestrel, or dropping violently into grass, as gangs of sparrows landed on the wings and pecked at the stowaway ants and beetles that hid in the feathers.  Silly had apparently taken this trip with his mother attempting to holiday at the tropical paradise known as Goatee Beach in Totton.
Silly knew nothing of the mechanical birds history, only that it made very few flights before crashing into a hedge near Frogham.
I will ask hubert about this as he seems to know all there is to know about tiny things, and report back.
This surely has to be the second wonder of the tiny world!


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