Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Big trouble at Furzey Gardens

What a morning I have had!  Just sitting down to my coffee and a large bowl of coco pops with extra honey, bannana and a tiny bit of crabb apple jelly, when there was a tap on the door. Well, not so much a tap but a scratch.  I opened it up to find Grace the Furzey Robin standing there. 'You must come quick!' she said, 'there's trouble at the gardens!' After breakfast I met grace at Furzey and we made our way to Aristotle's abode to be met with a very angry mob of tiny things all shouting and waving plackards. It seems someone, or something, had broken down Aristotle's door and left his home in an awfull mess. I inspected the poor door and came to the conclusion that this was not the work of vandals, but simply silly Simon, the tiny door maker.  He had used some very dodgy wood that had broken.  When I told the tiny things of my opinion, they went berserk and added silly Simon to the list of things to chastise.  I said I would see 'silly' and get him round to sort out a new door.
the noise at furzey gardens
I left the rabble, determined to nip this in the bud, and got round to Moss Side where 'silly' was working, repairing a wooden bicycle that wooden go.  But as 'silly' came to the door, he spotted the angry rabble of tiny things and shot out the back!  Again, I had to listen to their squeeking and ranting.

You  Furzey Garden fairys won't get to chelsea flower show
I thought it best to find the tiny teacher, Grace the robin, because she might be able to calm them down.  So, I made my way to the school.  No sooner had I arrived than tiny voices were heard. The little things climbed onto the school roof and protested about everything from broken doors and clumsey gardeners to why they could not have tiny motorbikes. Then very nicely Grace pointed out that if the wider world new how naughty they were, they would not be allowed to go to the Chelsea Flower Show.
Hearing this they all stopped their shouting because they had put a lot of work into this and the tiny Queen was planning to meet the Queen of England.
So they all went to a snails house and drank him out of blueberry wine!
Thank goodness that is over -  I have seen tiny war and it's not nice!
Please Please  help the tiny things get to Chelsea Flower show Follow the link to find out more

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