Sunday, 13 November 2011

The Promised Postcard

As promised, Hubert turned-up on Saturday with the little postcard.
Surprisingly not in his lorry, but with snail friends and relations strapped under a very scraggy looking crow.  Apparently they were all going to a funeral!
Tiny things attend a lot of funerals. These are not the type that humans attend, but are in fact funerals for ideas.
They are so upset when dreams die, that they just have to remember them.
Hubert said to tell all tinydoors readers to keep their dreams alive!
The postcard shows the tiny things crane loading acorns into the mythical 'Jeanie Deans', often mentioned by BB in his lovely books about the Little Grey Men.
Hubert also had a very slimy map and I will attempt to find any remains of this 'first wonder' of the Tiny World.

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