Monday, 14 November 2011

It's still there!

Well, what a day!  I took the map, and though it was covered in snail slime which gave it the feeling of wet lamination, I made out the way to go. I walked for what must have been about an hour from the tiny hamlet of Brook in the New Forest, along the little river meeting many a tiny creature as I went.  A little elf named Watson was most interesting, and showed me his collection of fairy cart racing memorabilia.  I had never heard of this, but apparently many tiny things in days gone by, would race each other on their tiny apple carts.  Watson has some lovely photos of the meetings in a wood called Shave Green.  It looked so much fun with brightly coloured carts pulled by mice, dragonflies and all manor of things, while crowds of tiny things cheered and waved flowers.  I asked him why I did not see this in the present time, and he became very defensive and repeated, 'nobody tells an elf what to do!'  When I tried to find out more, he scuttled off.  I must ask Hubert if he know more.
Anyway, keeping an eye on the map and one on the old postcard, I came to a spot that seemed to fit, but there was no sign of a crane. I realised this was a long time ago and the river probably had shifted.
I climbed the bank and grubbed about in the ferns, and 'hay presto!'
Well, it was huge, and apart from the fact that it has fallen over, it looked in very good condition and was a testament to the building skills of tiny things.
In the little control room there was a tiny calendar that was opened at July 1-tee 4-tee.   I am not sure what that means, but there were two lovely photos.
And if you look very hard in the last one, I am sure that's a tiny thing flying from the camera -
they are very fast!

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