Tuesday, 1 November 2011

seven wonders of the tiny world

I have been thinking about something interesting to report on, in the tiny world and I have just remember something a snail called Hubert once told me. He was delivering acorns in his tiny lorry when I met him.
I was saying how many tragedies seem to have happened to tiny things, when they get involved with crabb apples. Well, Hubert went on to tell me many tales about those early fairy shipping days, including one about an enormous fairy crane. This crane towered over the river and many a tiny thing was involved in its construction and use. Hubert tells me he has a post card of the crane, and when he calls this way again he will let me see it!
I think I shall seek out the mythical 'Seven Wonders' of the tiny world and report on them in this blog.
It will give me something to do until my hair grows back!


  1. Is this a trick of photography or do you have tiny little things you photograph? Interesting.

  2. Hi Unfortunately I am not clever enough to indulge in trick photograph